Fleet Management System

Fleet management software


Your fleet of vehicles is the lifeblood of your organization. Why trust the management of that fleet to fleet management software that hasn’t been designed with your specific needs in mind? We are proud to present one of the most comprehensive and detailed vehicle fleet management software suites available today .

With a list of features more comprehensive than anything we’ve ever produced, Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 delivers a complete fleet management experience. vfm4_maindesktop3

Track vehicle expenses, create maintenance programs and service schedules, monitor fuel consumption, track vehicle values and depreciation, and manage driver records all from the same interface. Start your day with a daily email from Vehicle Fleet Manager telling you what’s due and what’s past due. Run in-depth reports and dive deep into your data to find ways that your fleet excels at efficiency and where there may be room for improvement.

This is the life of a fleet manager who has the power of high-quality fleet management software behind them.

One-Time Payment

There are no subscriptions with our fleet management software. There are also no maintenance costs or any other hidden charges. You simply make a one-time payment for the software and you will get full, unrestricted access to the entire program and all of its features.


Edition Vehicles Users Price
Home Up to 5 Single $200.95
Pro 15 Up to 15 Single $395.95
Pro 15 Network Up to 15 Unlimited $429.95
Pro 50 Up to 50 Single $518.95
Pro 50 Network Up to 50 Unlimited $625.95
Pro 200 Up to 200 Single $712.95
Pro 200 Network Up to 200 Unlimited $819.95
Pro Manager Unlimited Single $982.95
Pro Manager Network Unlimited Unlimited $1650.95